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Trend Alert: Layouts for Convenient Kitchens

In the new season, the convenient layout of the kitchen space comes to the fore, subordinated to the basic principles of an ergonomic kitchen. According to them, maintaining the correct distances between each element of the working triangle (sink, stove and refrigerator) should not exceed 2-2.5 meters. Thanks to the observance of these proportions, the kitchen set with all the necessary equipment will be located in such a way as to make the cooking process as easy, comfortable and fast as possible.

In general, the rule of unity continues to reign in the kitchen space: spacious studio kitchens, combined kitchen-living rooms and open-plan rooms that perform different functions.

Among the trends in the formation of a united space are:

  1. The introduction of kitchen islands separating the kitchen from the recreation area. The trend that came to us from America is quickly gaining popularity, because a spacious kitchen island not only looks trendy, but also serves as an additional work area and storage space. Just keep in mind that such an overall element will look appropriate only in rooms with an area of 20 sq/m.
  2. U-shaped kitchen set, with another countertop, used to look like a kitchen with a breakfast bar, but today it has acquired a more restrained look of a minimalist breakfast area. It is a compromise that is successfully used in the interiors of small kitchens. An additional counter 1-1.5 meters long serves as a part separating the kitchen and dining room, as well as an additional working area for cooking.
  3. For any apartment, whether it is a modern kitchen-studio in a new building or a redesigned standard room, a linear layout is suitable: kitchen-dining-living room. This arrangement of all components allows you to clearly delimit all zones and create a cozy space for spending time together. For additional zoning, sliding structures of glass and mirror partitions or wooden slats can be used.

Article excerpted from New Decor Trends

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