Premium Board Products

Innovative surfaces solutions to service the furniture and interior design industries.

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Manufacturing and Distribution of furniture for Kitchen, Bath, Business, Home Office and Wardrobe.



Decorative and functional surface solutions that spans retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, office and institutional applications.


California Custom Milling

We've acquired California Custom Milling. Our machinery enables us to produce the best quality millwork that is second to none.



We carry Formica Laminates which are a laminated composite material invented at the Westinghouse Electric Corporation in the United States in 1912



For your home, FENIX® surfaces represent an elegant choice that combines performance and aesthetics.


Chêne Noyer

Wire-brushed with light and heavy texture offer you a whole new level of depth and detail to achieve a translucent stain and lavish multicolored ceruse finish.

Lamination Services

Lamination Services

We provide in house lamination services and offer the widest variety of surfaces and substrates in California.

Thermofused (1)

Thermofused Laminate

Thermally fused laminate (TFL) is created by soaking decor paper with resin and allowing it to partially dry.


High Gloss Finish with a Mirror Effect

The LUXE surface provides a High Gloss finish and the highest scratch resistance in the industry, paired with a clean and spotless mirror effect.


Supermatt Finish with silky touch

The ZÉNIT surface offers a deep supermatt surface with a silky feel together with an extraordinary resistance to abrasion.


Deep Texture and Natural Finish Syncron Panels

The SYNCRON surface provides realistic texture designs with several options for registered finishes, meaning a complete match between texture and design.

RAUVISIO surfaces

RAUVISIO surfaces

Innovative RAUVISIO surface materials combine functionality with extreme durability and countless design options.


RAUVOLET tambour doors

Discover our product range and award-winning design options like the RAUVOLET noble matt cabinet solution


RAUBASE plinth covers

The RAUBASE kitchen plinth cover system makes matching multiple components a thing of the past.